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Food & eating out related entertainments 

Plastic food samples

“Plastic food samples” which look deliciously real can be seen at restaurants in every corner of the town.  It is quite interesting just to watch these samples in the display windows, and may be more exciting to observe how they are prepared, or even making one by yourself.    Read FUN ACTIVITY REPORT!


Samples are hand-made and an experienced food sample artisan can create anything from a piece of sushi, to soba noodles, as well as western foods like pizza, spaghetti, and cakes. There are tours to see their workplaces, and workshops for anyone who wants to try making one.

AME-ZAIKU (Candy shaping) demonstration & experience

Candy shaping demonstration is a common attraction at occasions like festivals all over the world, but what makes AME-ZAIKU so unique is its fineness and sophistication, together with motifs specific to Japanese culture, such as sakura (cherry blossoms), gold fish, and other marine animals.

work_2015_001 work_009_2015 art_2015_006   images:

You will be amazed to see how a skilled AME-ZAIKU-SHI (candy shaping artisans) gives a life to candy. Some traditional candy shops in Tokyo offer AME-ZAIKU trial lessons for beginners.


This attraction is held at the Cupnoodles Museum of Nissin, a world leading noodle company.  By choosing a variety of toppings and  different types of soups,  you can create your original cup noodle. They offer another hands-on program which takes you through the whole process of making Chicken Ramen (the world first invented instant noodle), starting from kneading the dough to drying the noodle with oil. The museum is located in YOKOHAMA, a 30 to 40 mins. trip from central Tokyo.  Read FUN ACTIVITY REPORT!

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Cat/Owl/Rabbit Cafés

Yes, we have “Dog Cafés, coffee shops and restaurants where you can accompany your dogs/pets. Another type of animal Cafés are where you can enjoy watching, petting, playing with adorable animals.  The most common ones are cat cafés, and a wider variety of animal cafés are getting more and more popular in Tokyo.

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Depa-chi-ka (Food court on the basement floor of department stores)

So why do we love Depa-chi-ka so much?  A variety of fine quality food and drinks from all over Japan are sold in one big floor, and you can spend hours just looking around and tasting some dishes.


They are conveniently located, mostly on the basement floor of buildings connected to majour railway stations such as Shinjyuku (Isetan/Takashimaya/Odakyu/Keio), Ikebukuro (Seibu), Shibuya (Tokyu), Tokyo (Daimaru),  and Ginza (Mitsukoshi/Matsuzakaya/Wako).

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